Lay Servant Ministries


Affirming the Ministry of All Believers

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The United Methodist Church has a longstanding tradition of honoring and affirming the ministry of all persons.  While we ordain some persons to specialized ministries of word, sacrament, and order, the vast majority of church ministry is carried out by laypersons.  These persons commit their time, talent, gifts and service to ministries like teaching, administrative support, missions, and preaching. They are our Sunday School teachers, our church treasurers, our missions coordinators, and communion stewards.  They walk in Crop Walks, volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, and serve in ministry with youth.

Each local church, district and annual conference in The United Methodist Church has a Lay Leader who works to coordinate the ministry of the Church in partnership with clergy leadership, and works to encourage, support and coordinate the ministry of other laypersons.

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