Children’s Ministries

Vacation Bible School

The Saginaw Bay District Prop Center has a wide variety of VBS themes and kits available.  Call Tina at (989) 395-2710 with dates and desired kit.  The kits are available on a first come, first serve basis.  We have multiple copies of some of the kids, but the newest and most popular themes are often checked out first.

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Prop Center

Don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel or money you don’t have.  The Saginaw Bay District houses a Prop Center with items that all churches can share!  Scenery, decorations and many other items that fit various themes and needs your church might have.

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Help With Planning a Children’s Event

Raise your hand if your church would love to have more children and youth in their church…raise them higher. OK, it looks like 100% of churches wish they had more young families…more children…more youth…coming to their church.

So then, what are you DOING to make that happen?  Wishing kids to come in isn’t enough to make it happen.  It’s like waiting for vegetables to sprout and grow without planting any seeds!

Your church doesn’t have many or any kids, therefore there are no events planned. If you don’t plan a VBS or Sunday school or children’s activity, how can you expect to get any kids to come through your doors? Chickens or eggs – what came first?

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The REAL Cause of Children’s Ministry Neglect

Have you looked around your church and realized that there just aren’t as many kids around as there used to be? Have you had conversations with leadership lamenting the fact that you need to get new families, young families, kids and youth through your doors?

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Waiver & Permission Slip

required for all district and conference events – download here>>>

Protection Policy

The Detroit Conference Protection Committee and Policy are intended to promote the health, welfare, and safety of children, youth, and vulnerable persons during district related functions, activities, or events.

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Find out more about the Saginaw Bay District’s Keeping it Safe program.