CC Forms

2018 Forms:

Please pay special attention to the deadlines.  They are important.

All forms must be emailed to the District Office.
Signed, hard copies should be given to the DS at the conference.

Prior to One-to-One with the DS:

  • Clergy Self-Assessment
    Download and SAVE to computer before filling out form.
    The form must be saved into your computer before filling out. It must be saved again when your work is completed.

Download and Read First:

  • CC Schedule 2018
  • CC One to One Schedule 2018
  • CC Agenda

One Week Prior to Church Conference:

Email these forms to the District Office one week prior to Church Conference.

  • Profile of the Church
  • Pastoral Leadership Assessment
  • Deacon Leadership Assessment
  • 2019 Clergy Compensation (Excel)
  • 2019 Clergy Compensation (pdf)
  • 2019 Clergy Compensation Instructions
  • Resolutions for Compensation
  • 2019 Leadership Contact List

Five Days Prior to Pastor Scheduled One-to-One with DS:

Email these forms to the District Office 5 days prior to pastor scheduled one-on-one with DS.

  • Pastoral Profile 2018
  • Deacon Profile 2018

No Later Than Day of Church Conference:

Email these forms to the District Office no later than the day of the Church Conference.

  • Membership Audit 2017
  • Trustee Report 2017
  • Lay Servant Report – Certified
  • Lay Servant Report – Local Church
  • Finance Committee Annual Report
  • Fund Balance Report

Turn in at Church Conference:

Turn these forms (listed above) in at Church Conference.  Please give to the DS in a folder.  Use paper clips – do not staple or double side copies.

  • Signed Church Profile
  • Signed Leadership Assessment
  • Signed Pastoral Compensation
  • Declaration of Candidacy for Ordained Ministry
  • Local Church Audit Guide
  • Lay Servant Renewal Form

Informational Documents for Reference:

2018 Apportionments

The Nuts and Bolts of Church Conference

Minimum Insurance Requirements

2018 Health Insurance Chart (tentative)

2017 Health Insurance Chart

General Board of Pension & Health Benefits Contributions Agreement  Wespath Benefits Links:
   Contribution Election – Information & Instructions 
   Site Map       

Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP)

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Guidelines

Housing Allowance Guidelines

Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act of 2002

Housing Allowance Resolution Samples

Accountable Reimbursement Policy (long form)

Local Transportation Expenses Q&A

Parsonage Guidelines

Parsonage Annual Review

Parsonage Information Report (updated every 5 years or when major change)

Accountable Reimbursement Policy Long Form

Accountable Reimbursement Policy Short Form

Minimum Salary Base 2018

Minimum Insurance Requirements

Audit Guide FAQ

Local Church Audit Guide

Non-appointed Staff Worksheet 2017

Declaration of Candidacy for CC (GBHEM Form 104)