Get to Know Your Local Leaders

Following are the dates for the District’s Tasting tour….if you are a church leader, feel free to RSVP to your zone leader if you would like to have lunch with us and get to know the district leaders. Following is the DZone date and the church location hosting. 


July 10th – zone #3 @Ames 

July 11 -zone #4 @Aldersgate 

July 16 – zone #2 @Vassar 

July 17 – zone #7 @Essexville 

July 18 – zone #6 @Rosebush 

July 31 -zone #1 @Bayshore Camp 

Aug 1 – location TBD #8

Aug 6 – zone #5 @Mt. Pleasant First

Get more info about DZones>>>

PS – If you’re a local church leader, you should be there.