New Heart UMC District Project

New Heart UMC is seeking your help in a variety of ways.

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Food Outreach

Impoverished families of varying ethnic backgrounds are fed, based on variety of criteria including income, family  size, employment status, in the weekly food give away.   Three hundred seventy three people were fed in the month of January.  On average 340 to over 400 people are fed monthly.

 A typical visit would include both perishable & non-perishable foods, such as vegetables, fruit, cereal, soup, noodles, peanut butter, jelly foods, such as cheese, eggs, sliced turkey or ground chicken and bread.

The food is purchased at a tremendous discount from the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.  


For example:  Canned fruit can cost $0.75  to $1.00 or more in the grocery store, but at the food bank on average a canned fruit is .15 cents each, canned soup is about 10¢ to 15¢ a can, because the food bank purchases their food in large quantities.  If you can help, please consider your financial support over a food drive, as it is most cost effective to purchase food directly from the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.


Clothing Ministry

Gently used children and youth clothing, coats/jackets or shoes for any season is a great need in this community.  Since space is of concern for adult clothing, due to limited space, a phone call is encouraged to confirm space.  Please consider new socks and underwear drive for all ages.   

Please feel free to drop off these items at the district office or at New Heart U.M.C.

1802 W. Michigan Avenue – Saginaw, MI on Wednesday’s from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Hands On Opportunities for Your Church

We serve 40 to 70 children and youth weekly!  Many of these children and youth come from broken and/or impoverished homes of Hispanic, African American and Caucasian ethnic backgrounds.  Most come hungry and look forward to being fed in the Snack Shack.  We can feed them a meal in a range of .75¢ to $1.25 per child/youth.

Your church can be the hands and feet of Jesus, by working directly with these children and/or youth in a variety of ways!

  •     Work with Children directly at a Station – Bible story, crafts, activity, recreation, puppet and music
  •     Snack Shack – preparing, serving food, table leader and clean-up
  •     Homework tutoring
  •     Summer Field Trips 
  •     School Kick-Off – Sept 7th – Clothing give away, free haircuts, free school supplies, etc.  
  •     Additional Van Driver – Wed. and/or Friday evenings.  Sunday Van Driver, including adults.                                                      

    *safe driving record and background check needed for protection policy

Do you have an activity or program that you believe would be beneficial to these children/youth?  
Please let us know.

If your church would like to assist with one of the ministry area needs above, if you need more information or if your church would like to visit this south Saginaw Outreach Center, please contact Pastor Melene Wilsey at 989-839-4798 or by e-mail at

Financial Giving

Please consider financial support through the 2018 Mission – Spotlight Giving Book of the United Methodist Church.  New Heart UMC.