Message From the DS

In Psalm 78: 22 it reads “For they did not believe in God or trust in His deliverance.” Israelites knew the work of God. They heard the work of God from their parents, from their friends, from their uncle, their aunt, their leaders. But they did not believe. And they did not trust in his deliverance.

This word deliverance makes me think about the recent shooting that happened in Florida on February 14th. We all remember seeing the students running out of their classrooms and being delivered from a shooter. The following week, I heard on the news of another deliverance story. Authorities found massive weapons in one of the student’s home, preventing another massacre.

I am sure the school students will never use the word deliverance in the coming weeks. Because some of them will never know the work of the deliverance the authorities have done. They did such great work the students at that school never knew, and will never know, that they were delivered.

I believe sometimes we are those students at that school, we will never know how god has delivered us. But it doesn’t mean he didn’t, he has. We know that by faith. God is delivering me today and I “trust in his deliverance”.

This faith of deliverance is crucial. Because it will give me strength to engage in battle.  In the same chapter Psalm 78 v 9 says the man of Ephraim, though armed with bows, turned back on the day of battle. When we don’t believe by faith that God is a deliverer, we turn back on the day of battle. Because we have no confidence that God will deliver us. The man of Ephraim, though armed with bows, they turned back from the battle. Is this us? Man and woman of the UMC, though armed with bows, turn back on the day of battle.

We must be reminded that we are in the spiritual battle and we cannot turn our back on the battle. People are dying, not knowing Jesus Christ. We need to share Jesus Christ. Our battle is to make disciples of Jesus Christ today, and we cannot turn our back on the day of battle. WE have the message of grace. Grace, love, hope, faith, those are our weapons. We need to engage in the spiritual battle with those weapons in our hearts. God is delivering our churches today. But first, we need to engage ourselves into the spiritual battle. Trusting Jesus Christ as our personal savior. Remember God is our deliverer.