A Day of Discovery, Dreaming and Change

To ALL Lay Leaders, Adboard Chairpersons, and SPRC Chairpersons,

If this does not describe your role in the church, please forward this to the appropriate person(s). I am asking for your help in promoting this training event. 

To help you in your role as a leader in the church, we have developed this training specifically for you! A Day of Discovery, Dreaming and Change.
  Time: 8:30 am – 2:00 pm
            Location: Freeland United Methodist Church
            Attendees: All District 3 Lay Leaders, Adboard Chairperson, SPRC Chairperson

  I pray you put this event on your calendar for February 24th, Freeland UMC @ 8:30 am and plan on attending so that we can get together to meet, dream and take our churches to the next step of Going out to tell others about our AMAZING Jesus Christ!

    See the agenda below for our exciting day of Discovery, Dreaming, and Change. We are very excited for the plan that God has put into the hearts of those involved in this event. We have amazing worship leaders, Brian and Jenny Johnson, Rev. David Kim will share his dream and communion, and we have a wonderful guest speaker Megan Miner who will teach us how to be “change agents”. And of course we will have amazing food!
Whether you are able to attend or not please respond no later than Feb. 19th to dahellus@yahoo.com. Please include your name, which church you represent, the position you serve in your church, and your contact information. If you have special diet concerns pass those one too.
Thank you so much for all you do for your congregation and your community,
God Bless,
Dee Ann Hellus

          Time: 8:30 am – 2:00 pm
            Location: Freeland United Methodist Church
            Attendees: All District 3 Lay Leaders, Ad board Chairperson, SPRC Chairperson
            8:30am                        Continental Breakfast          
            9:00 am                       Welcome – discover why we are here
            9:10 am                      Praise and Worship (Brian & Jenny Johnson)
                                                            Discover what God wants for us today
            9:30 am                      Disney Dream or God Size Dream? (Dee Ann)
            10:00 am                    District Dream (Rev. David Kim)  
            10:30 am                    Develop Your Church Dream (YOU)
Lunch 11:00 am – 11:45 am 
            11:45 am                    Be the Change Agent (Megan Miner)
Share in the Blessed Sacrament
1:30 pm                      Communion (Rev. David Kim)
                                                Praise & Worship (Brian & Jenny) & Closing (Dee Ann)