Children Wanted

Raise your hand if you are the leader of or belong to a church that wants more children in the congregation…Looks like a lot of hands are up in the air. I would venture a guess that ALL of your hands are raised.

So then, how many of you have your VBS scheduled and have promoted the dates to your congregation and community?

Hmmm. That’s not very many. What is the hold up on scheduling – can’t find dates? Looking for a volunteer to run it? Need money to pay for the curriculum kit? VBS is one of the easiest outreach tools used to get the attention of the children in your community. Families of young children are attracted to events that are safe, cost friendly and open to multiple ages of children.  The children themselves are best utilized to get the word out.  The kids that have fun tend to bring their cousins, neighbors and school friends and the next thing you know, there is a large group eagerly anticipating the next night of VBS! What are you waiting for?

If the holdup is money for curriculum, there are lots of curriculum kits – over 20 – within the Saginaw Bay District prop center that are FREE. The themes include a carnival/circus, camping, super heroes, workshop, medieval marketplace, outer space, jungle, beach and under the sea. If you only want curriculum kits, there are lots of those too.  

To see what is available, join me on March 7th at the new location housing the props at the State St. Methodist Church for VBS Preview Night. The Open House begins at 6 and runs to 7:30 pm and the 2018 kits will be on display as well as all of the past year’s kits. I will be taking RSVPs for the specific kits on this night. THERE IS NO DEPOSIT to use the prop center this year.  Kits will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. Remember, as of July 1st the Saginaw Bay District grows in to District #3 and expands to 88 churches. Availability may be limited.

If getting volunteers are the problem, how about working with other churches in your DZone and combine resources? Churches can certainly share the load when it comes to bringing Jesus to the children! Churches within your own community, Methodist or not, could also be an option for sharing a VBS week. 

Settling on a week is hard to do? Shorten the VBS to 4 days or pick a weekend kit that is 2 days and a family event on the 3rd day. There are no rules that says a VBS has to run Monday through Friday! Pick one day a week for 4 weeks. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Pick a schedule that works for your volunteers and run with it. The kids will come if you plan and advertise.

There are a lot of options to being involved with a VBS program this summer. Not having a VBS simply is not something your churches should settle on, for whatever reason. The children ARE the church. And remember, Jesus provides. Just ask him.


VBS Preview Night Wednesday, March 7th, 6 7:30 p.m.

State St Methodist Church/District Prop Center

3617 Mackinaw St., Saginaw 48602