The Amazing gRACE is Amazing!

Our Team (St. Charles UMC – North) experienced a blessing and was extremely touched by a person that we visited doing our Community Questions.

This person is a caregiver and partner to the person in this home.  They both answered our questions and then shared a little about themselves.  She has had and currently has experienced great illness:  colon cancer, skin cancer, bone cancer, MS – she has come through it all and is in remission with the love of God in her heart.  She gives all the credit to him.  We found out that she is very talented in singing and playing instruments along with writing her own songs.  She asked if we would like to hear one of her songs.  We said yes!  We had no idea what a touching experience this would be.  She started playing her keyboard and then began singing, WOW!  Her voice was so strong, so in key, and the words were so beautiful!  We were so touched by the melody and words and it brought tears to our eyes!  What a wonderful and beautiful gift she has and we received!  We would never had known or experienced this had we not done the Amazing Race.

Thank you and blessings,

Nancy Lichon
Karen Easterling