Want to Help Hurricane Victims?

Operation Fill-The-Truck:

Join us in a district wide challenge to fill the truck!  A moving truck along with it’s transportation has been offered for us to fill with supplies for Flood Buckets and Hygiene Kits for the Midwest Distribution Center.  Collect the supplies and bring them with you to your DZone Charge Conference as an offering!

List of Items Needed:

5 Gallon Bucket with reseal able lid (Buckets can be reused if cleaned except those that have stored

chemicals i.e. paint or pool supplies)

Liquid laundry detergent (one 50 oz. bottle or two 25 oz. bottles)

Liquid household cleaner (12 to 16 oz. bottles no spray bottles)

5 scouring pads (no stainless steel or pads with soap built in like SOS Pads)

18 cleaning wipes (handi wipes NO terry cleaning towels)

Liquid Dish soap (16 to 28 oz. bottle)

1 can air freshener (aerosol or pump)

1 insect repellent spray (6 to 14 oz. can)

1 scrub brush (no long handle)

7 sponges (NO cellulose sponges due to mold issues)

50 clothes pins

Clothes line, cotton or plastic (one 100 ft or two 50 ft)

24 heavy duty trash bags rolled (33-45 gallon)

5 dust masks

2 pairs of kitchen dishwashing gloves (good for multiple uses)

1 Pair of work gloves (cotton with leather palm or all leather)

Hand towel

Wash cloth


Nail clippers


Shampoo w/ conditioner


Bar soap

Razor-individually wrapped

Toothpaste—2.5 oz or larger


Highlighted items are items in greatest need at Midwest Distribution Center