What is the SBD TASC Force?

The TASC Force

What in the world does that mean?  Some of us assume everyone knows that every United Methodist Church member of the Saginaw Bay District knows what all of our acronyms mean.

The TASC force: Training and Supporting Congregations. The force is a group of people that will satisfy all of your training and will support everything you need to know about fulfilling our mission of creating and nurturing dynamic and fruitful congregations to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Think about this; you need to know more about a committee you have been asked to become a member of.  Now what do you do.  Talk with your Pastor and the process begins. You tell us what your needs are, invite other churches in your disciple zone to participate , communicate with the TASC force and we will come  to your church with a knowledgeable facilitators with the passion of a teacher and you will find out everything you need to know about your committee and your position on that committee.

Recently the TASC force traveled to Alpena:  First United Methodist Church.  People were hungry for information as to how they could do their jobs and help to fulfill our mission.  37 people were there from 7 churches and spent 4 hours having snacks, enjoying fellowship, and learning what they wanted and needed to know by, interacting with the facilitator learning and asking questions. If you want more…just ask we will return

Your will also have an opportunity to participate in a learning session at our Church Charge Conferences, we will have sessions for these topics and more:  Finance, Nominations and lay Leadership, SPRC, (Staff Parish Relations Committee), Trustees, Worship

Can’t wait for more information us a message at mlquig@yahoo.com or call 989-239-6334.