Advent Planning Already? YES!

In honor of Christmas being exactly five months from today, let’s talk about how your Advent planning is going. Going nowhere because you haven’t done any? Whaaaat? It is never too early to start planning for the biggest season on the Christian calendar…no matter where you live or even what denomination you belong to, the Christmas season always brings in more family members, visitors, occasional members in addition to the regular members your church serves. Are you ready to serve them?

What is on the calendar for children? Is there a children’s program scheduled? Do you have a craft night? Christmas celebration night for families? Christmas caroling? Potlucks? Whatever it is you have planned, start the groundwork in advertising for it. If your church has a Facebook page, create events with the date, time and details. The event is free and can be shared by your members for free, but you can also choose to pay and boost it so a larger audience can view the event. $10 can get you as much as 1,200 more views!

Also, for churches with a webpage, post as much information as you can as early as you know about it. Web crawlers, or spiders, pull the information from your webpage and the earlier you have it out there, the higher it will rank your page when someone does a search on that topic. For instance, you live in Midland and want to attend a children’s Christmas Eve service…an article and Facebook event created a few months earlier will have had time for the web crawlers to process the information and put your information at the top of the search over other churches who did not get information out there.

Even though Christmas is five months away, you need some planning in place but not all of it. Once the major items like what, where and when are reached, the nuts and bolts like a menu, activities, songs or other fine points can be worked on as the event gets closer. An event is always a work in progress as it nears, but people attending don’t need to know that…just when and where they need to bring their children and what they can expect is good enough!

If you have any questions on creating a Facebook event under your church’s Facebook page, please email or call me. I can walk you through the steps and it is easy once you know how. And if you already have events created, whether it is for Christmas, Easter or anything in between, please tag me or let me know and I will share them to the Saginaw Bay District Facebook page. It will help widen your audience and it helps churches to get ideas on what they could adapt and make work for them. Why reinvent the wheel? We are trying to work together to bring people to Jesus, so let’s help each other out!