Conference Quotes

“Our new Bishop is REALLY a blessing,” Merry Henderson

“The venue was wonderful. There have been many God moments,” Chuck Huffman

“Keep calm and worship on,” Carol Derby

“It’s been great to be part of this setting of coming together. Long time coming,” Chuck Keyworth

“This is our liminal moment,” Lisa Cook

“Give ’em what you have, we learned from worship. There’s scarcity, there’s enough and there’s abundance,” George Farner

“We need to be basket cases of grace,”  Pastor Michael Vollmer

“Enough is abundance,”  Kayte Aspray

“I’m a basket case,”  Rob Richards

“Glad that we are becoming one,”  Ernesto Mariona

“Great worship!  Great facilities!  New & renewed relationships!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow,”  Pastor Penny Parkin

“Nothing compares to the experience of 2,000 voices singing praises to God,”  Scott Sherrill